Elliptical Goals

A great way to help you stay on track with your fitness is to set one big goal and several little ones as well that will help you achieve that one big goal. For example, if you want to lose a total of 50 pounds try setting little goals like lose 2 pounds by your first week. Doing this ensures that your main goal is not as far away as you think. It also keeps you motivated to continue your healthy lifestyle!

This workout is designed for someone that wants to set some great cardio goals, and it’s preformed on the elliptical. A great workout for the elliptical includes changing the resistance and speed. But how do you know what resistance you even need to start at? Well I tired to make a basic elliptical workout that is amazing for your building up your cardio and lower body. Now if you cannot do what is listed below you can always take it down a notch or two and try and work your way to your cardio goals.

20 Minute Elliptical Workout

  • 0-5 min (warm up)
    • Resistance: 5
  • 5-7 min
    • Resistance: 8
  • 7-10 min
    • Resistance: 10
  • 10-12 min
    • Resistance: 8
  • 12-15 min
    • Resistance: 12
  • 15-17 min
    • Resistance: 8
  • 17-20 min
    • Resistance: 10
  • 20-25 COOL DOWN
    • Resistance 2-5


As stated beforeĀ if you cannot complete this workout due to difficulty in anyway, try and modify this workout to best fit you. This workout is just a guideline for individuals trying to increase their cardio abilities. On the other hand, if you feel the opposite way after completing this workout, that it was too easy, go ahead and make slight adjustments to fit your physical capabilities. Keep living the healthy lifestyle!




Featured photo credit here.

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