Here are a few other exercises that help you achieve those sexy abs you are desiring. Try these workouts!

Now remember if what you see in these workouts are to difficult feel free to modify them. Fr example, if you can do all the workouts properly but that last set is just impossible to finish, just set that as a fitness goal! Just try to do at lease one more rep each day to try and reach the complete 3 sets.


  • 20 Mountain Climbers
    • Get into plank position, arms fully extended.
    • Pull one knee up and in toward your stomach/chest.
    • Return foot to beginning position and repeat the action with the other knee.
  • 10 Plank Arm Raises
    • Get into plank position, arms fully extended.
    • Raise one arm to where your hand is level (if not a little higher) then your head.
    • Return arm to starting position and repeat actions with the other arm.
  • 10 Push-ups
    • Start in plank position with your arms fully extended and under your shoulders.
    • Begin to lower yourself while bending your elbow outwards till your face is about 6 inches from the floor.
    • Raise yourself up to starting plank position and repeat.
    • Modified Push-Ups: Everything is the same except you’re on your knees rather then your feet. Doing this insures that you are not lifting or lowering your total body weight when completing this exercise.
  • 20 High Knees
    • Standing position.
    • Alternate raising one knee at a time up to hip level. (If not a little higher)
    • Almost like jogging in place just lifting your knees a little higher in front of you.
  • 15 Leg Lift
    • Laying with your back on the floor, put your hands under your bottom so you are laying on them.
    • Then proceed to lift both legs at the same time until your feet are aligned with your hips.
    • Lower your legs at the same time to return to start position and repeat.
  • 20 Abdominal Hold (Requires a chair/step)
    • Sit tall on the edge of a very sturdy chair (or stair) and place your hands on the edge with your hands placed on either side of you with your fingers pointing toward your knees.
    • While you tighten your core try lifting your bottom off the chair and then also try lifting your toes about 3-4 inches from the ground.
    • Hold for 5-10 Seconds.
    • Lower yourself down and repeat.
  • 10 Burpee
    • Bend over or squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of you.
    • Jump both of your feet back at the same time so that you are now in a plank position.
    • Jump the feet back in toward the hands.
    • Explosively jump into the air as high as you can, reaching your arms straight overhead. (High ceilings recommended)

Give these ab blasting workouts a try. They are much more effective then just regular standard crunches. Engaging more muscles means getting toned faster. So try living the healthy lifestyle with these core blasters!

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