Is Stretching Really That Important?

The answer is YES! Stretching is almost just as important as the actual workout itself. They fit together like peanut nut butter and jelly.

Even if you are not working out stretching is still very critical to ones health. Everyone needs to stretch in order to protect their mobility and independence really. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t understand that stretching has to happen on a regular basis, if not daily.

So why is stretching so important you ask? Well stretching helps keep the muscles of the body healthy, strong, and flexible. We need this flexibility to maintain the range of motion in the joints.

When you choose not to stretch on a regular basis what actually happens is the muscles shorten and become tight and sometimes weak. But when you need to use those muscles for an activity, since they are weak and tight they are unable to extend all the way. That puts you at risk for joint pain, strains, and muscle damage.

When you choose to stretch regularly  that stretching keeps muscles long, lean, and flexible. This means that you won’t put too much force on the muscle itself when you are exercising or just everyday walking around. Healthy flexible muscles also help a person with their balance to help avoid falling and injury.

So stretching once today will not give you that perfect flexibility. Flexibility is something that will take time, so you will need to remain committed to doing this on a regular basis, if not everyday. Depending on the degree of your flexibility it may take you many months to get tight and flexible muscles. So just expect that you’re not going to be perfectly flexible after one or two sessions. It  can takes weeks or even months to get flexible, and you’ll have to continue working on maintaining it.

So if you’d like to read more on why stretching and flexibility is so important check out Harvards Health Link for the full article. Also keep an eye out on my site where there will be plenty of different types of stretching techniques that you can try!

Keep stretching to maintain that healthy lifestyle!

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