Here is another great workout for your abs that’s doesn’t involve a single boring standard crunch! Keep mixing up your work to not only spice up your body but to also get the most from all of your muscles.

If you do the same exercises over and over you’re not going to see that great of results because you’re only working out the same muscles all the time with no variation. Mix it up a little and engage totally different muscles to get a much more complete and stronger core.

A stronger core means a leaner you! So make sure to change your workouts up and engage your abdominal in different ways.


  •  60 Seconds-Run in place
  • 45 Seconds-Bicycle crunches

30 Second Break

  • 30 Seconds (Each Side)-Side plank hip lifts
  • 45 Seconds- Alternating superman
  •  45 Seconds- Russian twist

30 Second Break

  • 45 Seconds- Plank hip dips
  • 45 Seconds- Inchworm
  • 30 Seconds (Each Side)- Side bend with arm resting at side


Level 1- Repeat 2 times

Level 2- Repeat 3 times

Level 3- Repeat 4 times

This is a great workout for the core that doesn’t take long at all and yet is extremely effective!

Keep living that healthy lifestyle!

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