Arm Workout- Pt 1

This particular workout today requires a resistance band. You can purchase resistance bands at your local Wal-MartTarget, or Dick’s Sporting Goods. If you’re just starting out I recommend using a lighter resistance and then build up from there.

The great thing about resistance bands is they’re so versatile. You can use them to workout practically any part of your body! They’re defiantly worth buying and not all that expensive. Perfect for someone who is living economically or just doesn’t have a gym close by, no matter the situation a resistance band will always be a staple in any workout.


Using the resistance band lets you explore your ‘fitness horizons’ and allows you to exercise other muscles that you normally would not be able to when just using your body weight.

Make sure to properly warm up and stretch before beginning any type of exercise. By clicking here you’ll see why it’s so important to warm up before starting any exercise.

Change up the way you workout and add new things so you make sure not to get bored with anything and it also keeps you interested. Personally I never know what my workout will contain because i am constantly finding new things that I will be sharing on this site so stay tuned in and keep living that healthy lifestyle!

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