As I have previously stated Dance Cardio Exercise is a great way to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. Dance is a remarkable alternative to regular standard exercise if you are looking to mix up. After seeing that dance is used for great cardio I started to wonder what else could I could use dance for in my workouts?

So I went on the hunt for some dance workouts that are specifically made to engage different muscles of the body. Upon research I found some videos that really do contour your core into that sleek and slender figure.

Here is a list for 1 complete Dance Core Workout- Totaling 20 minutes

Dance Workout 1

Dance Workout 2

I know you’re thinking only two videos? Well both of these dance workouts combined give you more then 20 minutes of hard core cardio that really engage your core!

Make sure that when you do these to pause and take water breaks when needed. That’s honestly my favorite part of doing these videos, is that you’re at home and no one will judge you!

Stay posted, there will be several different other workouts and even more videos on the website! Keep dancing your way towards that healthy lifestyle!

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