Want to Spice Up Your Cardio?

I love running around for no reason just as much as the next person. And sometimes I want to mix it up from high knees, butt kickers, etc. So I had to think a little outside of the box on how to get that blood flowing and heart pumping. Then it dawned on me what about dancing?


Yes, that’s right! Dancing is really an amazing way to get your body moving and get your cardiovascular system, along with other muscles, a good workout.

Now I know you’re thinking “I don’t known how to dance.” or “I don’t like to go to those classes. There are other people.” You’re rightfully to think so because I think those same things! Personally I would feel bad for anyone who would witness me trying to dance along with the instructor for a  Zumba class.

So Where Can I Dance?

At home silly! All you need is a little floor space and your computer. I have found a few great 60 minute dance workouts by a great team CLUB FITz. They’re defiantly a great source of cardiovascular exercise. A great deal of the dances require a little more then just cardio but also engaging different muscles in order to make the dance moves work.

CLUB FITz really does an amazing job taking popular songs and making dance moves that really do just go with the music. There dance moves mixed with the music really gets you into it, making you want to dance harder!

Another plus side is that it’s just you! There’s no one to watch you and secretly judge. Also if you’re having trouble learning a move or just need a break, all you have to do is pause it or play it back again. Really does come in handy, trust me!

The 60 Minute Dance Workouts

Dance Workout 1

Dance Workout 2

Dance Workout 3

Dance Workout 4

Remember to drink water and tak breathing breaks when necessary because dancing can get rather intense believe it or not!

So try dancing your way to a slimmer, sexier body. Mix the cardio workouts up and you’ll never be bored again! Keep living the healthy lifestyle.

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