Core Blasting 30 Minute Workout!

I know that I have a series “NO MORE CRUNCHES” but lets face it, sometimes you just cant avoid incorporating them in a workout here and there. I have done some searching around for some core blasting, muscle sculpting core exercises. Upon my research I found three really great workout videos that add up to on hell of a complete core workout.

Trust me, you will definitely need to take breaks and make sure to stay hydrated. Maybe even need a towel, I did. Doing these three videos on your ab days will make a huge difference to your core!

Give these a try- Total Time 30 minutes.

Give these three videos a try and if you can’t finish all three right now? Not a problem. Set yourself a small goal to try and complete one, two, or all three videos. Never try and push yourself to hard of course, you do not want an injury on your hands.

Let me know how this workout goes for you by leaving a comment. Thank you for reading and keep working towards that healthy lifestyle!

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