Dance Your Way Fit!

That’s right you can dance your way to an even better body! As stated in a previous dance workout post, Want to Spice Up Your Cardio, dance is a great alternative to your normal everyday cardio workouts. Plus it’s extremely fun!

Dancing is known to have plenty of benefits to a persons heath!

  • Improves the condition of your heart and lungs barbecue it involves a lot of cardio.
  • increases your muscular strength and endurance of your muscles.
  • improved muscle tone and strength
  • You will find that ┬áit is easier to maintain your weight.
  • As any exercise it will also improve your balance, agility, and flexibility.

Here is a list of some great dance videos that are perfect for melting that stubborn fat off! These videos are amazing for sculpting the core and will really trim that tummy flat! What is wonderful about this type of workout is that you’re combining the heart pumping cardio and engaging the muscles of your core!

Dance workout 1


Dance Workout 2

Here is another 3 videos that are a little different but are still an amazing way to pump your heart up and get that booty shaking!



Give these two workouts a try on either your cardio day or Core day. This really is one of the best ways I have seen to get your heart pumping like you’re you’re running miles and engaging your core like you’re doing a thousand sit-ups! Trust me this will burn and you will get tired, but isn’t that the point? Thankfully you can do these at home where no one can judge you for your dance techniques, or if you’re like me, lack thereof .

Now if you get done with the first workout and you’re thinking, “Seriously? All three videos?” and my answer is YES! But if you are like me at first and just can’t finish them, that’s not a big deal. Just try and do as much as you can and then add one or two more dance moves every night until you reach the end of all three videos. Before you know it you will be completing all three!

Give these a try and let us know here at Fitness Tidbits what you thought about these workouts. Keep dancing your way to that healthy lifestyle!

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