Having a Hard Time Finding a Gym?

From personal experience I know it can be hard to find a gym in a new town or city. Anytime I went to search online I would get the big chains that were no where near my location. So I decided to go on a hunt for helpful gym locators so you don’t have to! This is a list of websites that not only locate gyms but they also locate health and wellness centers and other fitness related buildings in your town/city.┬áThankfully from having to find new gyms I know some websites that are great from locating a great gym near you.

Gyms and Fitness Clubs

  • This is a great website that takes you to a page where there will be a list of 50 states. Select your state, and then select your town/city. It’ll bring you to a map where it’ll show you the locations of the gyms. From there it will also give you an option to choose the gym and read or leave a review of the gym.

Gym Locator

  • For this site you just enter in your location information and it will bring you to a list which contains most,if not all of the gyms near you. It will not show you where it’s located on a map unfortunately, but it will give you a number to contact them and the address of the gym. So with this you can always jot that into Google Maps and find out where it is located in the town/city you reside.

My Gym

  • For this website you enter in your information just like the previous ones and pick what distance you’re willing to travel. Once the information is entered you will see a map with all the gyms located near you and then the information for each gym on the left hand side of the screen. Really Helpful.

Hopefully these websites will help you in your search to finding a gym near you. Keep living that healthy lifestyle!

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