Where To Find Yoga Gear

When your new to fitness some things can be overwhelming. You go to do an at home workout and you have none of the equipment. Say today you want to try yoga, no equipment. Well I spent some time searching some great deals and quality products. Below is a list of items that you’ll need for basic yoga. Under each Item is a list of that item, when you click on that item it will then take you directly to that product on Amazon.

Basic Yoga Equipment:

A Yoga Mat:

Yoga Blocks:

Yoga Strap:

Foam Roller:

And of course the Yoga Pants:

Yoga Socks:


Mat Spray Cleaner (May not be necessary but it’s very nice to have!):

These are just a few items that you may help you complete your yoga experience. Everyone out there should have yoga mat whether you preform yoga or not. You can also use the mats for regular workouts. Mats make it extremely comfortable when you’re on the floor preforming exercises like crunches, sit-ups, leg raises. Helps out with those exercises that normally would hurt your body if you did them on the floor.

Try some of these out and let us know how they go for you. Keep living that healthy lifestyle!


  1. I am doing Post graduation in Yogic Science for past two years and its the first time i have come accross such fancy equiptment needed for going yoga …… We just practice yoga on regular carpet and dats it u need …… yoga is about yourself you dnt need accessories for it …. dats what my teacher said in the first class of our college …. please dnt get me wrong on this .


    1. I understand some people practice yoga to find themselves and to reflect, but others tend to do it just for the fitness aspect. This post was about showing people that want to gain a little bit of an edge fitness wise, or just to make yoga a little easier for themselves. Thank you for taking a look at this post, I really appreciate the feedback!

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