Running Shoes Reviewed

Okay so you’re out looking for a pair of running shoes that are going to be perfect for you. Of course they have to be comfortable, fit, supportive, and guaranteed to optimize your fitness lifestyle. Below you will see a list of 4 highly rated running shoes that have been personally bought and reviewed. Make sure to keep in mind that you can change the color/print and size for any of these shoes.

  ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 5 Running Shoe

  1. Toe Space -There is great spacing up near the toes, have plenty of room for your toes to breathe and not be so pushed together . Also the fabric is breathable, therefore sweating is less of a problem as well.
  2. Comfort – The comfort level is out of this world. This shoe includes a great arch support and overall cushioning which you will need for easier running. These are perfect for someone that has bad knees, but like any other cushioning it wears down. Usually it takes about 2 months for cushioning to break down in a shoe. This particular one lasted for at least 3 1/2 months. (3 1/2 months of running 6 miles everyday)
  3. Doesn’t cake-in dirt/mud – When on loose dirt trails, people often encounter dirt & mud that gets caked into the soles of their shoes, but because of the design of the Asics shoe there aren’t as many  crevasse’s for mud to get packed into.
  4. These are also long lasting shoes, meaning they are less likely to fall apart after a lot of use/wear.

Under Armour Women’s Micro G Assert 6 Running Shoes

    1. Comfort – These shoes are amazing for someone with an average foot. Meaning someone that isn’t flat footed or high arched, or for someone that has either a narrow or wide foot. This shoe includes a basic arch support and overall  great cushioning. It seemed that the cushioning took about 3 months to start breaking down. (3 months of running 6 miles everyday)
    2. Fit- Normally people are hesitant to buy apparel online because they can not try it on to make sure that it fits. Well with this shoe it’s a perfect fit every time so you do not have to worry about sending them back and having to go through the hassle of sending them back.
    3. Although this shoe works great for it’s purpose it still has one drawback, because the back of the shoe lays higher up on your ankle it does tend to rub it and cause blisters or sores. This can be avoided if you wear socks that cover higher part of your ankle, but if you prefer shorter socks this pair of shoes is probably not for you.

PUMA Women’s Propel Women’s Running Shoe

  1. Comfort- This particular shoe includes a great amount of cushion and an average arch support. The cushion started to break down after 4 whole months (4 months of running 6 miles everyday). Because the cushion held up so well I personally recommend this shoe for anyone with any back, hip, or knee problems.
  2. The fit is true to size.
  3. This shoe is made up of two layers mesh. Because of this it makes it while also providing structure to the forefoot, and also makes it incredibly light weight.
  4. Even if you are not technically running in these shoes. I’d still just purchase them for everyday walking around. They are super comfy and cute!


adidas Originals Women’s Tubular Shadow w Fashion Sneaker

  1. Comfort- This shoe is extremely comfortable and very light weight! It is a little different then your average shoe. Here you will find that you’re missing the semi-detached tongue that you would normally find in a average shoe, but you’ll see that the tongue is completely attached! This ensures that you have a snug fit and it’s that much easier to take on and off.
  2. This shoe is super light weight because of its synthetic sole and lightweight material. You’ll almost feel as though you’re wearing socks with soles on the bottom they’re so light weight and comfortable.
  3. The lining of the inside of the shoe is made from OrthoLite Sockliner so again it’s super comfortable.
  4. Cushion- The cushion in this shoe is rather light but lasts. It took about 3 1/2 months for the start of the cushion to break down. (3 months of running 6 miles everyday)
  5. Fit- Unfortunately these do run a little bit bigger, probably around half a size bigger. So if you were a 9.5 shoe size, order a size 9 and they should fit perfectly!


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